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The exhibition deals with major historical aspects of the Holocaust, beginning with Jewish life in pre-Holocaust Europe and ending with the liberation of Nazi concentration and extermination camps across the continent and the remarkable return to life of the survivors.

The Righteous Among the Nations

The exhibition is dedicated to the Righteous Among the Nations, telling 17 stories of rescuing Jews during the Holocaust. This exhibition is dedicated to the Righteous Among the Nations, telling 17 stories of rescuing Jews during the Holocaust. In a world in which hostility and indifference prevailed, there was a small non-Jewish minority who regarded […]

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Art in the Holocaust

These artworks from the Yad Vashem Collection were created by artists between 1939 and 1945 and represent a living testimony from the Holocaust, as well as a declaration of the indomitable human spirit that refuses to surrender. This exhibition provides a glimpse into art created during the Holocaust in ghettos, camps, forests, and while in […]

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A Code of Honor

BESA – A Code of Honor, focuses on Muslim Albanians Who Rescued Jews During the Holocaust has brought an interfaith aspect to Holocaust education. This exhibition is based on 12 large photographs taken by Norman Gershman, and the outstanding rescue stories of Muslim-Albanian families who saved Jews and were recognised as Righteous Among the Nations […]

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The Anguish of Liberation

This special exhibition, features works created between 1945 and 1947 and attempts to investigate how survivors reacted to the liberation through art. For most of these survivor-artists, the ability to paint again signified freedom and renewed independence. The choice of their art’s subject and the grip on the pencil or brush symbolically restored a feeling […]

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Spots of Light
Women in the Holocaust

This exhibition gives expression to the unique voice of Jewish women in the Holocaust. Their choices and responses in the face of the evil, brutality and relentless hardship that they were forced to grapple with. The exhibition features nine aspects of the Jewish woman’s daily life during the Holocaust: Love, Motherhood, Caring for Others, Womanhood, […]

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Stars Without a Heaven
Children in the Holocaust

Of the 6 million Jews murdered in the Holocaust there were approximately 1.5 million children. Only a few survived against all odds. This exhibition is dedicated to the unique stories of children during the Holocaust. During a period when Jewish communities underwent social and familial upheaval, children living in this reality essentially lost their childhood. […]

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