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Forged in Fury
by Michael Elkins

The discussion was led by Simon Bentley, Chairman of Yad Vashem UK Foundation and was attending by approximately 16 people.

Many of you know the story of the death camps - Auschwitz, Birkenau, Ravensbrück and Treblinka.  What you might not know is the story of the Jewish resistance to the horrors of the death camps - of the courageous men and women who dared to make a stand and fight. This book also tells a story of ‘Din’ meaning, ‘judgement’ in Hebrew. In 1945, after the war, a small group of Jews formed this secret organisation to ensure the Nazis should know the pain to torture and brutality suffered by over 6 million Jews.  Many powerful Nazis died at their hands – and then they worked out the most daring plan of all, a scheme to poison the water supply to a quarter of a million German homes.
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Business Breakfast November 2019

Margaret Hodge was Minister for Children in 2003, before becoming Minister of State for Culture and Tourism in 2005. In 2010 she was elected Chairman of the Public Accounts Committee where she served until 2015. Since 2018, Margaret has been Chair of Council at Royal Holloway, University of London. Margaret is a strong advocate for Holocaust Education and the awareness of antisemitism, confronting Labour leader Jeremy Corbyn in parliament on this.
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