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And God Saw That It Was Bad

Otto Weiss, Edited by Art Braunstein (2009) ISBN: 965-308-335-6, Cat. No. 729

64 pp., soft cover, 16X23 cm

This novella written by Otto Weiss (1…

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The Architecture Of Memory

Moshe Safdie: The Architecture of Memory Articles by Joan Ockman, Moshe Safdie, Avner Shalev, Elie Wiesel

(2006) ISBN: 3-03778-070-3, Cat. N…

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17 Days in Treblinka

Daring to Resist, and Refusing to Die Eddie Weinstein 174 pp., soft cover, 14X21 cm.

This unique narrative of escape combines the immediacy of p…

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A Small Village in Europe

The First Nazi Mass Extermination Camp Shmuel Krakowski                                               soft cover, 17X24 cm


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Expulsion and Extermination

Expulsion and Extermination Holocaust Testimonials from Provincial Lithuania                                             David Ba…
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Holocaust and Justice

Holocaust and Justice Representation and Historiography of the Holocaust in Post-War Trials                                        …
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To Tommy, for his Third Birthday in Theresienstadt, 22 January 1944                                              Written and Illus…
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Dividing Hearts

The Removal of Jewish Children from Gentile Families in Poland in the Immediate Post-Holocaust Years                                  …
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